Certified Organic Angus Beef

Our Cattle are all Certified Organic Registered Purebred Black Angus. Our seed herd was purchased in the fall of 2007 and has continued to produced excellent calf crops. Our cattle have access to pasture 365 days a year and are supplemented with our own certified organic alfalfa at times when pasture production is slow. All the cattle are grass fed to produce the very best quality certified organic beef on the market.

Rogers Heaven Sent Ranch, LLC, Organics Division, is located 25 miles north of Benson, Arizona, in the community of Cascabel. We are in the pristine San Pedro River Valley, which flows through the ranch.

We are a USDA Certified Organic operation. Our certification is held through CCOF (California Certified Organic Farmers). Our certification is for both, agriculture and livestock. At the present time we are proud to produce top quality alfalfa, and Certified Organic Registered Black Angus beef.

Certified organic beef in the United States is grown according to standards set by the National Organic Program. Before a product can be labeled "organic," a USDA accredited certifier inspects the farm where the cattle are pastured and graze to make sure the farmer is following all the rules necessary to meet USDA organic standards.


We raise USDA Certified Organic Purebred Registered Black Angus Beef. Our organic certification is held by CCOF, California Certified Organic Farmers. Our certification is for both agriculture and livestock. We are proud to produce top quality Certified Organic alfalfa and Certified Organic Purebred Registered Black Angus beef.

Our cattle graze on 70 acres of pasture 365 days a year and are supplemented with our own certified organic alfalfa at times when pasture production is slow. These are not range cattle. They spend their entire life on pasture and are feed the highest quality certified organic alfalfa.



  • Born and raised on a Certified Organic Pasture
  • Never receive antibiotics
  • Never receive growth-promoting hormones
  • Are fed only certified organic grasses only
  • Must have unrestricted outdoor access



More essential Omega-3 Fatty Acids

  • Meat from grass-fed animals has two to four times more omega-3 fatty acids than meat from grain-fed animals.
  • Each day that an animal spends in the feedlot, its supply of omega-3s is diminished

More health-promoting CLA

  • When animals are raised on fresh pasture alone, their products contain from three to five times more Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), a naturally occurring free fatty acid found mainly in meat and dairy products, than products from animals fed conventional diets.
  • You would have to eat five times the amount of grain-fed meat to get the same level of CLA found in grass-fed animals.

More Vitamin E, C and Beta-Carotene

  • The meat from the pastured cattle is four times higher in vitamin E, C and Beta-Carotene than the meat from the feedlot cattle and almost twice as high as the meat from the feedlot cattle given vitamin supplements.

Less Total Fat

  • Meat from grass-fed cattle is lower in total fat than feedlot-raised animals.
  • Research shows that lean beef actually lowers your "bad" LDL cholesterol levels.
  • Typical annual consumption of beef per person is 66.5 pounds.
  • Switching to lean grass-fed beef will save you 17,733 calories a year. If all Americans switched to grass-fed meat, our national epidemic of obesity might diminish.



Certified Organic Pure Bred Black Angus Beef

We have steers ready for purchase. If you are interested in purchasing certified organic beef please contact us. We do not offer meat for sale that is already processed. However, from time to time we have several people looking for others to go in together. We can transport steer to the Wilcox Beef and Packing House.

*Price of steer does not include processing.



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