Foaling Services


FOALING OUT MARE (24 hour Monitoring)

Limited Availability  -  $ 750..00 plus board, includes the $250.00 Monitoring Foaling System

Emergency veterinarian assistance, medication or supplementation for mare and/or foal when necessary  -  Actual cost

$15.00 daily board dry mare
$18.00 daily board wet mare




Extended stay, post foaling, is not available unless mare is being re-bred by Dr. Alicia Lindholm of Bandalero Ranch Equine Sports. Mare and foal must be picked up when stable to travel, which is determined by Dr. Lindholm.



• Dr. Alicia Lindholm, the resident veterinarian for Bandalero Ranch

For more information on additional veterinarian services visit us at Rogers Bandalero Ranch Equine Sports, Rehabilitation & Reproduction.